Chapter EZ

Policies, Customs & Traditions

Chapter Officer Duties

Specific duties of each officer can be found on the P.E.O. International website under Instructions to Officers of Local Chapters (IOLC) as well as in the Constitution, Bylaws and  Standing Rules of the P.E.O. Sisterhood, Part III, Article V, Duties of Officers.


Following the installation of officers in March, the president  shall organize and conduct a meeting with the officers for the purpose  of training, review of responsibilities, and goal setting. 

Regarding committees, the president shall:

  • Pass around a “Committee Interest Sheet” at the January or  February regular meeting asking members to select 2-3 committees on which they would be interested in serving.
  • Personally ask individuals to chair committees. 
  • Assign and announce committees in March. First year members  should not be asked to serve as committee chairs. 
  • Meet or talk with committee chairs to review their responsibilities  and provide them with guidelines. 

Regarding regular meetings, the president shall:

  • Review Robert’s Rules of Order and consult with the  parliamentarian for any clarification needed to ensure efficient regular meetings.
  • Keep regular meetings to one hour by suggesting short reports  from committees and allowing discussion only if a motion has  been made. Not all committees need to give reports at each  regular meeting.
Vice President

The vice president shall serve as an advisor to the  president. When possible, the vice president is the immediate past  president. The vice president is responsible for getting a gift of  appreciation for the president at the end of her term. At the  completion of her first term, it is customary for a gavel guard to be given as the gift.

Recording Secretary

 The Recording Secretary shall: 

  • Take minutes by hand or by computer during the regular meeting.  No recordings of regular meetings are allowed. 
  • Send a periodic regular meeting recap or minute draft to all members via the communications chair. 
  • If the bylaws and standing rules have been amended  during the previous P.E.O. year, send a copy of the amended documents to the recording secretary of Texas  State Chapter between March 1 and March 10.
  • Give a copy of the chapter bylaws and standing rules to the  local chapter president for inclusion in the President’s Book.
  • Give a copy of the chapter bylaws and standing rules to the chapter yearbook chair for inclusion in the local chapter yearbook.

The Treasurer shall: 

  • Solicit membership dues from members at the beginning of  January for the following year’s dues. 
  • Track all chapter income and disbursements to the approved  annual budget. 
  • Prior to a bill being presented, compare the bill to the committee’s  maximum budget. Consult with the committee chair if there is an  issue.
  • Order supplies on behalf of the chapter. 
Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary shall:

  • Provide a copy of the annual membership list from International  Chapter to the president and to the yearbook chair.
  • Share new and/or updated member information with the Communications and Yearbook chairs.

The Guard shall: 

  • Be responsible for creating and maintaining name tags for all  members. 
  • Escort visitors. 
  • Assist with the excusal of a non-chapter member from any chapter  business during a regular meeting.

The Chaplain shall: 

Conduct devotions and prayer at regular chapter meetings. Devotions are limited to the scripture reading and its scripture references, the P.E.O. prayer, and the Lord’s Prayer.

Notable Customs

  • It is customary for a member to stand and respond “Madam President” when called upon to speak by the President. The President responds with recognition of the member by name. The member then speaks to the chapter.
  • The Nominating committee customarily solicits experienced members  to serve as president. The experience of a potential presidential  nominee includes service in several other officer positions and  committee chair leadership roles.
  • It is customary that officers and committee chairs serve for two years.
  • With the approval of the chapter, funds available from the previous  year’s balance may be used to assist a sister who is unable to pay her  dues.
  • Recognition of 50-year members is given as close to the date of the  anniversary of initiation as possible with the presentation of a 50-year  pin. Golden Girls are specially designated in the chapter yearbook.
  • A gift of $25.00 is sent to a new chapter organizing in the state of Texas.
  • It is customary that unaffiliate sisters attend at least two chapter events  prior to proposing her name for transfer.
  • Non-P.E.O. guests become well acquainted with several sisters when they have attended three or more chapter events prior to her name being proposed for membership.
  • A new member gift is presented to each new chapter member upon  initiation. This gift is typically a collection of items provided by Texas State Chapter for new members.


A single donation of $25.00 shall be made to the annual Convention of Texas State Chapter Time of Remembrance Service each year that we have members who have joined Chapter Eternal and are recognized  during the memorial service. 

A memorial of $25.00 shall be given to the Chapter EZ, Texas Scholarship Fund in memory of a member who has entered Chapter Eternal unless otherwise specified by the family. 

The P.E.O. memorial service is conducted by the chapter for a sister who has entered Chapter Eternal.

Responsibilities of Committees

Our organization functions by committee. Our chapter committees are  a representation of our chapter membership. We operate on faith that a committee has thoroughly considered all perspectives when making proposals for the chapter’s consideration. 

Periodically, committee reports are given to the chapter. When appropriate, motions for action are made at regular meetings. It is  helpful to inform the president in advance of the meeting when a report needs to be made.

It is customary for committees to consist of a minimum of three  members except where specified below. 

Every committee chair is responsible for operating within the committee’s approved annual budget.


This committee includes the Finance chair who serves as a  de facto member. This committee shall audit the books of the Treasurer  at the end of the fiscal year and report to the chapter at the second  regular meeting of the P.E.O. year.


This committee shall consist of a minimum of two members.  This committee shall review the chapter’s Bylaws, Standing Rules, and  Policies, Customs, and Traditions of our chapter each year, making sure  that these documents conform to the requirements of the local, state,  and international chapters and accurately reflect the chapter practices.

Chapter EZ Texas Scholarship

This committee shall function on a  June-to-June assignment. There are 4 members of this committee. It is customary that each member serves at least 3 years. Committee members select the chair for this committee in June. This committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Chapter EZ Texas Scholarship. This includes: 

  • Outreach to local schools 
  • Finding candidates 
  • Helping with the application and application process
  • Determining awards amounts
  • Coordinating scholarship awards with the P.E.O. Foundation
  • Maintaining contact with all awardees
  • Be responsible for growing the revenue invested in the Chapter EZ  Texas Scholarship fund. 

The fiscal year of the scholarship fund is July 1 – June 30. Donations to  the fund made by June 30 are available for disbursement the following summer/fall semester. Donations made directly to the scholarship fund through the P.E.O. Foundation are tax deductible.

Communications & Technology

This committee shall:

  • Be responsible for contacting all resident members concerning chapter  matters, regular meetings, and activities.
  • Announce upcoming regular meetings and social gatherings, take  reservations, and inform the meeting hostess of the number of positive RSVPs.
  • Directly contact members for RSVP of regular meetings and social  gatherings as needed.
  • Maintain an accurate email contact list on the chapter’s email account.
  • Facilitate communications from Texas State Chapter and International Chapter.  

The chapter President shall be a de facto member of this committee.


This committee shall: 

  • At each regular meeting, give a report of loving concerns of members  and announce that month’s birthdays.
  • Extend courtesies to members on behalf of the chapter by sending  cards, texts, emails, or phone calls for:
    • Illness or hospitalization 
    • Weddings 
    • Sympathy 
    • Babies 
    • P.E.O. Membership Anniversary 
    • Other Life Events 

In addition, this committee shall: 

  • When a member is ill or hospitalized, offer to provide coordination of  meals or other support as needed.

In the event of the death of an active member of the chapter, offer to  serve a meal or prepare a reception on the day of the service or as requested by the family. The committee chair along with the President shall determine which member shall contact the family on behalf of the  chapter. 

When a member marries, organize a shower, gift, or other recognition  as appropriate on behalf of the chapter. 

When a member has a baby, organize a meal on behalf of the chapter  and order a silver spoon to be presented to the member. Recognize 50th and 75th P.E.O. membership anniversaries with a gift  from the chapter. 

When a spouse of a member dies, send a sympathy card on behalf of  the chapter.


This committee shall: 

  • Include an education team leader and chair for each of the following:
    • P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education
    • P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund
    • P.E.O. Scholar Awards
    • P.E.O. International Peace
    • Scholarship Fund
    • P.E.O. STAR Scholarship
    • Cottey College
    • Texas Cottey College Scholarship Funds

Each team leader shall oversee all matters pertaining to these projects  and programs such as: participation in local college fairs, outreach to  local schools or universities, and other outreach avenues appropriate to  the fund or scholarship. The committee shall prescreen candidates, propose candidates to the chapter for sponsorship, and co-ordinate with candidates on the submission of applications. The Education Team leader shall coordinate reports of projects to the  chapter in a timely and efficient manner.


This committee shall:  

  • Prepare and propose an annual budget and present it to the chapter for  approval at the first regular meeting in April.
  • At the end of the year, a reconciliation of spending vs. budgeted amounts is completed and presented to the chapter. Information and input from the treasurer are requested but the treasurer does not serve as a member of the committee.

    The chair of this committee is a de facto member of the auditing  committee. 

    On or before the June regular meeting, the chair shall make a motion to the chapter for disbursement of funds to the EZ Texas General  Scholarship in keeping with the chapter budget. Following completion  of fundraising efforts and in coordination with the ways and means chair and the education team leader, the finance chair shall make a  motion to the chapter for the disbursement of any additional donations to our projects. 


The Historian shall: 

This committee shall consist of one or two members and be responsible  for maintaining chapter memorabilia and determining feasible formats based on P.E.O. Historical Collections Guidelines for Local Chapters. Be responsible for recording important moments of the chapter such as social activities, post initiation, member anniversaries, fundraising events, and other milestones and preserving any special invitations or other chapter correspondence as appropriate. 


The Initiation team shall: 

Conduct the Ceremony of Initiation during chapter meetings as  designated by the president. The person acting as president for the  initiation shall coordinate the initiation team. The custom of the  chapter is to perform the ceremony of initiation from memory. White robes are worn during the ceremony of initiation.


This committee shall: 

Help maintain the health of the chapter by encouraging the active  participation of members. This Committee shall facilitate the  introduction of potential new members, unaffiliates and Golden Unaffiliates. The committee shall also facilitate the reinstatement of inactive members This committee selects a P.E.O. mentor for each  new sister. The committee periodically contacts non-attending resident members.


The Parliamentarian shall: 

Ensure that regular meetings are conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order and assist the President in understanding those procedures. The person serving as parliamentarian is customarily a past president of  the chapter.

PEO Council

This committee shall: 

Consist of three members: the President when possible, or designated officer, and two other members to be representatives to the Dallas Area P.E.O. Council. At least one member of the committee shall attend  council meetings. A member of the committee shall provide a chapter report at the regular meeting immediately following a council meeting.

PEO Record

This committee shall: 

Increase awareness of information contained in the P.E.O. Record by giving reports during regular meetings.


This committee shall: 

Be responsible for philanthropic work of the chapter. The committee selects the organization to be the recipient of chapter philanthropy, recognized as such in the yearbook. Details of events and opportunities shall be provided throughout the year.


This committee shall: 

Visit the prospective initiate to inform her of P.E.O. ideals, traditions, and responsibilities before she replies to the invitation to join. The President shall be chair of this committee.


This committee shall: 

Meet with new members following initiation to enlarge upon the full meaning of P.E.O. The president shall be chair of this committee.


This committee shall: 

  • Be responsible for scheduling 12 regular meetings throughout the year as listed in the Bylaws and Standing Rules. All regular meetings are  scheduled from June of the current year through May of the following  year for publication in the chapter yearbook.
  • Plan programs and recruit hostesses and co-hostesses for all regular  meetings. 
  • During committee reports, the program chair shall stand and thank the  hostess and co-hostesses for that meeting and remind the chapter of  the next regular meeting place and time.

Guidelines for regular meeting hostess and co-hostess scheduling:

  • Two co-hostesses are requested for each regular meeting that begins  with social time. 
  • Four co-hostesses are requested for regular meetings that are followed  by a luncheon. 
  • The chair circulates hostess and co-hostess sign-up sheets in January  and February and provides the list to the incoming chair. The chair calls on sisters to serve the chapter by hosting or co-hosting  a regular meeting if they are not present in January or February to  sign up. 

Guidelines for program scheduling and presentation: 

  • In January, the chair also solicits sisters to volunteer to present a  program and provides this list to the incoming chair. 
  • The committee instructs program presenters to limit program to 20-30  minutes, including questions. It is a responsibility of the committee to  verify the audio/video or TV needs of the presenter. 
  • It is customary to give a small token of appreciation to the presenter.  This may be in the form of a donation to the organization they represent, typically $25.00 to non-profit organizations. 

Guidelines for regular meeting program planning purposes:

  • February – Reading of the president’s letter and a short program. March – Installation of Officers; must be in the yearbook but a program  should still be planned. 
  • May or June – Report of the Texas State Convention is given as the  program. Report must be given within 6 weeks of conclusion of the  convention.
  • October or November – Every three years there is a visit from the organizer of TSC. It should be the program for that regular meeting. The organizer is introduced and speaks to the chapter.
  • October or November – When there is a Convention of International Chapter,  a report of the convention is given as the program by the area delegate to CIC.  An international convention occurs every odd numbered year. A program on the constitution and bylaws of the P.E.O. sisterhood should be  scheduled every 3 years.

    Each year should have at least one program about a P.E.O. project. Exemplification of the Ceremony of Initiation is required to be included  in the yearbook as part of a regular meeting every year. Performing the  exemplification is necessary when no actual Ceremony of Initiation of is  performed during that year. 

    Consult the P.E.O. Texas website for more details: Local Chapter Officers’ Yearly Planning Calendar


This committee shall: 

  • Plan and execute social gatherings for the chapter. Plans shall include  one or two social events that incorporate BILs plus one or two  additional social events that vary in time of day and day of the week to include sisters that may not be able to attend regular meetings.
  • Chapter EZ has an active bridge group which meets at 1 p.m. on the  second Tuesday of the month. The current list of members can be  found in the yearbook under Social Gatherings. EZ members who would  like to join the group are welcome. Contact the coordinator for this  group for information.
  • Small Sister Social gatherings are encouraged, as are the formation of  groups to play other games.
  • The chair of this committee shall coordinate with the Program and  Ways and Means chairs to ensure that activities are planned with  consideration of cost and timing.
Texas Star Oaks Fund, Inc.

This committee shall: 

Further interest in the Texas Star Oaks Fund, Inc. by contacting local  organizations that may learn of a female or male Texas resident undergoing a crisis that includes a dire financial need.

Ways & Means

This committee shall: 

Be responsible for fundraising activities for the chapter. All funds raised  through these activities shall go directly to P.E.O. international projects,  Texas state projects, and the Chapter EZ Texas Scholarship project. It is  strongly recommended that fundraising events attempt to raise money from outside the chapter. This committee shall communicate with the finance committee with respect to fundraising income and balancing the year’s budget.


The yearbook committee shall: 

  • Compile and issue the yearbook. The yearbook shall be printed and distributed at the first regular meeting following the completion of  convention of Texas State Chapter. A digital yearbook shall be made available to all members. 

Guidelines for the yearbook committee: 

  • The yearbook design and contents must adhere to the local chapter  yearbook checklist provided by Texas State Chapter. Graphics and logos  are available for download as well.
  • A digital copy of the yearbook are sent to Texas State Chapter per the instructions on the TSC website. The President or program chair may have a theme for the year which  should be incorporated in the design of the yearbook.